• Investing in 529s

    Saving for college is not an all-or-nothing endeavor. By having your clients starting early and saving often, you can potentially lower their out-of-pocket costs later, as well as provide them a tax-advantaged way to fund their child’s college education.

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  • Why Bright Start?

    Our dedicated 529 consultants are devoted to you. They are here to answer all of your questions about saving for college, from how saving can affect financial aid to how 529s can potentially benefit your clients estate plans. Bright Start sets the table for Financial Advisors to add college savings as an important business strategy.

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  • Investment Options

    At Bright Start, we’re keeping the investment options simple. We offer Age Based and Choice Based portfolios. You can invest in either one or a combination of the two giving you and your clients the flexibility to choose the right investment that fits their savings goals and risk tolerance.

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